Summer / Winter Course


---- North American camp program especially designed for non-CIS students.


A learning program suitable for non-CIS students , age 10-15 to experience north America English-speaking courses and extracurricular activities. 



--All English courses & colorful after-class activities.
--Classes for different English levels and ages.
--Thousands of students join CIS summer and winter camp.
--Learn social and independent living abilities.
--Chances to have English communication and develop friendship.



--<All English courses>

All English courses in different English levels, providing all English learning and living environment with practical courses:

*Small group of 15-20 students.
*Theme-oriented courses.
*CIS foreign teachers instruct the classes.
*Practical and living teaching materials to make students speak English Strengthen students'ability of English listening, speaking, reading and writing.
*15-20 hours of classes a week.

--<Scientific discovery>

Provide students all kinds of experiments to learn scientific knowledge from doing.

--<Artistic creation>

With professional teachers'guidance, students are free to use their imagination and creativity.

--<PE class>

A healthy mind is in a healthy body. All kinds of physical activities suitable for students.

--<Life counselling>

Dorm teachers take care of them and foster their independent living abilities.



--Focus on safety, comfort, tidiness, and regularity.
--Well-equipped rooms with air –conditioning and bright lighting.
--24-hour security surveillance.
--Every room is equipped with a phone.
--A restroom with separate bath and shower stall.
--Dorm tutors live on the same floor to take good care of them.


Nutritious meals

--Our kitchen provides delicious meals every day.
--Our meals are outsourced by a famous catering company.
--hygienic food with balanced nutrition.


Evening activities

--Recreational or outdoor activities from Monday to Friday.


Result performance

--Award CIS certificate of completion at the closing ceremony and performance presentation.


※Fees included:

Certificate:A CIS certificate of completion.

Courses:Theme-course tuition, registration and material fees.

Activities:Outdoor teaching and group games in the evening.

Meals:Three meals a day.

Accommodation:All accommodation fees.

Insurance:Travel, medical and school insurance.

※Not included: Personal expenses.


(Please download, fill in the form and FAX:(03)480-1290)








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