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Parents can know every step of their kids make

The counselling office is set up to enhance students' mental health and to help them solve all the problems they face in their academic and private lives. We also help students in their career planning and learning process.

We hope to eliminate students’ psychological distress and hesitations through a variety of services, so they can enjoy the school life and become excellent foreign students with optimistic, active, independent personality and global mobility.
  • OUR GOAL:Counselling is the process of helping students grow up, based on the spirit of “Love” and “Help”. We divide it into three parts, “ life counselling ”, “ learning counselling ”,and “admission counselling”.
  • CONTACT WITH THE PARENTS:Through the Internet contact, we shorten the distance among school, parents and students. Wherever parents are, they can keep track of their kids’performance of study, health, morality, physics, and social, including academic arrangements、elective courses、course schedule、class attendance、rewards and punishment record、test grades, etc.
  • INDIVIDUAL INTERVIEW:We give the students, who come to our office, the most comfortable and relaxing environment. Only in such environment will students not feel scared, or need to hide. The feeling of mutual trust which we cultivate helps students express their feelings and improves communication between student and counsellor.
  • INSTANT COUNSELING:We bring immediate help to the students in need. Students can express their feelings, and feel a relief if they get help as fast as possible.
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELLING SERVICES:Counselors use one-on-one method to help students understand their problems and the source of stress. After the consultation we provide the adjustment method that might better students’ life and help students to learn how to adapt.
  • SELF-EXPLORATION:To understand student's characters, interests and personalities, we talk to them on a daily basis and that will help students choose the right university and the most suitable subject to major in universities.
  • CAREER PLANNING:The purpose of career planning is to help students get a better understanding of themselves, get used to the academic environment, learn in joy and evaluate for the future in advance.
  • CONSULTATION SERVICE:Our counselling office provides students with a daily life learning, career guidance, inter-classroom relationships, management, better understanding of gender relations, future career planning and other professional advice.
  • MEDICAL CARE SERVICE:In-school medical staff will help the sick students to recover by primary diagnosis, sending them to hospital and arranging meals for them.
  • THE ESTABLISHMENT OF STUDENT’S INFORMATION:Its purpose is not only to help students self-aware, but also to help teachers better understand students. All the records are complete and detailed.
  • ABILITIES OF COMMUNICATION AND COORDINATION: We believe if students understand the importance of communication and coordination, that will help them to communicate actively and improve problem-solving abilities.
  • OUR EXPECTATION:Every student can grow up happily and healthily through our help.





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