Total Care Communication


---Excellent academic achievements come from good character building


CIS TOTAL CARE EDUCATION inspire students to expand their visions, challenge themselves and build up confidence. We immerse our 12 CIS spirits in in-class and extracurricular activities to not only prepare students for admission of top universities but also help students lay good foundation of their life

CIS advantages compared with international class of Taiwan private school


Columbia International College Taiwan

International class of private school in Taiwan

Canadian courses

The only Canada-oriented secondary school classes in Taiwan, taking five credits according to students’talents and interests every semester.

Many required courses in American high school. Students have more pressure to study long hours and coursework to finish.

SAT Test

Receive OSSD from the Province of Ontario. No need for SAT when applying to universities in America or Canada.

SAT scores are required for American universities applications. Students need to go to cram school after class.


Students have extracurricular activities every day.

Students stay in the classroom longer and only have clubs once a week.

English Proficiency test

Help students to take IELTS every semester with good IELTS teachers teaching skills before the test. CIS is an official IELTS test center authorized by the British Council.

Students must go to cram school to study TOEFL or IELTS courses in the evenings or on the weekends.

School Grades

Students have less pressure and good chances to be accepted to top universities when applying for Canada universities with Grade 12 first semester’s grades.

Need four-year grades of G9 to G12 to apply to American universities. Students have more pressure and top universities are not easy to apply.


We have UPO especially assist students with university application. With our “UNIVERSITY PARTNERS”and admission advantages for graduates, twice the result with half the effort.

No admission advantage. Need to apply to universities by themselves or with the help of an agency.


OSSD Admission advantages when our Grads receive Ontario Secondary School Diploma and CIC Certificate.( can apply for more than 140 countries)

Receive Taiwan Secondary School Diploma, accepted to few countries or cooperated with unknown universities in America. No admission and application advantage.

Studentship Advantage

 International students in Canada enjoy the advantage of applying to universities in English-speaking countries.

Taiwan, as a non-English speaking country, graduates have no application advantage.

Rate of enrollment to universities

100% of Grads are accepted to Canada public universities while 80% of Grads are accepted to top seven universities in Canada(five of them rank World 100 top universities ), and 50% of Grads are accepted to the best Canadian university, that is University of Toronto.( ranked 17 in the world universities)

Students have different academic levels. Fewer graduates.

Residence Management

All students must live in residence to develop their independence and we put emphasis on character building.

Accommodation is not compulsory. Difficult to manage after class. No chance to develop students’ independence.

After-class counseling

Free evening tutorials by foreign teachers.

No tutorial guidance or need to pay extra fee for academic counseling.


The only indirect studying abroad program, smooth transition to foreign education.

Go abroad directly and may need longer time to adjust. Not easy to achieve academic success.

Studying abroad

It’s safer for CIS students to go abroad together.

Students may feel lonely when going abroad alone.

Residence program

CIC is the largest boarding school in North America with good management.400 academic tutors offer free after-class counseling.

No quality guaranteed for homestay family. No academic or admission counseling when staying with relatives.


Guns and drugs are under strict control. No racial discrimination. Safe living and study environment. Low cost of living.

Guns and drugs are available easily and legally. Serious racial discrimination. Complicated living and study environment. High cost of living.

Working visas

99% of international sophomores get working visas for three years.

In America, only 20% of international students get working visas.

College Tuition

Yearly tuition is about CAD20,000-35,000.( meals and residence are not included)

Yearly tuition is about US40,000-60,000. ( meals and residence are not included)

Future immigration

Working visas and permanent residency are easy to get.

Difficult for international students to get working visas or green card.






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