Community Life

Columbia 2019 Meeting with Vice-Principal

       Columbia International School regularly holds parent-child workshops, study aboard seminars, parent-teacher conferences, and we also set up parent group chat. Columbia International School provides various paths for parents to learn the studying status of their children and get the information from school timely. We welcome parents to participate in all school events and obtain the latest information of applying to a foreign university, which helps us build the best learning environment for international education. Our Canadian vice-principal, Mr. Boyd, has made appointments with parents every Wednesday and Friday since this semester. Such a direct communication is an important connection between parents and the school. It allows parents to know the way teachers teach and what school policies are. In addition, the meetings are also a bridge between parents and the school. Mr. Boyd listens to parents’ advice and takes on good suggestions. The feedback produced from the meetings are invaluable.

2019 Terry Fox Run

       CIS (Columbia International School) held the "2019 Terry Fox Run International Anti-Cancer Charity Run" on 9/21 (Saturday). More than 2,000 runners started around the Shimen dam in the morning. The runners chose the 5km or 10km group according to their physical strength and changed the Tiffany Blue T-shirt that specially made this year. The scene was spectacular.
2019 Terry Fox Run was the only event that the chairman of the Taiwan Cancer Foundation and the former President of the Legislative Yuan, Jinping Wang, fired the gunshot together at 7:30 am in Taiwan.The CIS teachers and students enthusiastically participated and hoped that more Taiwanese can participate in this international event, continue the spirit and dedication of Terry Fox, and work together to fight with the cancer. In addition to the arrangement of different exotic foods in the school, CIS students Jay, Jonathan, Bruce, AL, Evelyn, Rose, Sherry, Louie, and Gino enthusiastically performed popular songs such as Love Yourself, Dusk till Dawn ; and grade 10 student Alice played Erhu, showing students’ variety of talents on the stage.
Terry Fox Run is a Canadian national event of the year, also known as the Marathon of Hope. On the second weekend of September of each year, countless people from more than 50 countries around the world participated by various ways. Encouraging everyone to learn the spirit of Terry Fox and to support cancer research with small donations, and contributing to the end of cancer.

Teacher appreciation concert

       CIS (Columbia International School) cooperated with the Taiwan Association for Future Leaders (TAFL) to hold the "Teacher appreciation concert" event. Charismatic Duo Group, Prof. Zhuo Yujian and Mai Yunyi, was invited to perform at 18:30 on September 20th at Longtan campus. Through the dialogue between the piano and the violin, the two masters performed a well-known piece of music, successfully interpreting such songs as “The hustle and bustle is all a dream”, “Hakka character” and “People life, Ocean wide” bringing rich music styles, so that everyone can have different feelings. The concert received a prior ticket and the 800 tickets were quickly requested. Truly appreciate Grape King Bio’s enthusiastic sponsorship of the exquisite health gift box to promote this beautiful music feast together.

2019 New Students: Orientation officially kicks off !!

       A one-week freshman training course started on Aug 25th (Sunday). The freshman successfully check-in the dormitory and met new friends on the first day. The International Department arranged different courses and PA activities in the next few days. Also conducts grading tests for new students; explained the school rules; and visited the campus. We hope that the new students will be able to adapt well to the new semester and new environment. Also look forward to their future development fighting!!

2019 Summer Credit Course -The 3rd Week

       In the third of CIC Summer Credit Class, students are brought to St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market in St. Jacobs, Ontario, to experience local’s famer’s life on the weekend. There are more than 150 vendors with varieties of fresh farmers’ products, bakery, textile, handcraft products and so many more. Students are content with the food and are astonished by the varieties the market has. Later on they are brought to “Canada’s MIT”, University of Waterloo, as known as UW, which locates in Southwestern Ontario. UW is the 2nd best overall university in Canada and also one of the best universities in North America, Considering being Canada’s most innovative university, Waterloo boasts multiple programs of advanced research and teaching in mathematics, computer science, and engineering. UW is also another option besides UT for students. In the end of the day, students are brought to watch the Canadian team, Toronto Blue Jays, for an unforgettable MLB game experience. Blue Jay was the only Canadian team who won American League championship. Students can enjoy the exciting baseball game and cheer for game together. CIC Summer Credit Class is almost over, and we believe that it widens students’ knowledge and horizons due to this memorable summer trip.

2019 Summer Credit Course -The 2nd Week

       In the second week of the CIC Summer Credits class, students were led to visit the famous attractions in Toronto on weekends. Such as the major landmarks, CN Tower (TV Tower), Eaton Centre (Eaton shopping mall) and Medieval Time(Medical Theatre). Also, Students had an impressive experience after watching the two-hour knights head-to-head meeting. After that, they arrived at Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls city) where you can see two waterfalls at the same time from Niagara City. The last stop is the best university, the University of Toronto (the top 20 universities in the world), in Canada which has been recognized as one of Canada's top universities, and it also cultivates many talents. The University of Toronto is one of the CIC World University Allied Schools, also accepts almost half of the graduates from our school every year. The students were excited about the interesting trip on the weekend, and we hope that they could not only leave the wonderful memory but established clear goals for the future.


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