Community Life

2019 Summer Credit Course -The 3rd Week

       In the third of CIC Summer Credit Class, students are brought to St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market in St. Jacobs, Ontario, to experience local’s famer’s life on the weekend. There are more than 150 vendors with varieties of fresh farmers’ products, bakery, textile, handcraft products and so many more. Students are content with the food and are astonished by the varieties the market has. Later on they are brought to “Canada’s MIT”, University of Waterloo, as known as UW, which locates in Southwestern Ontario. UW is the 2nd best overall university in Canada and also one of the best universities in North America, Considering being Canada’s most innovative university, Waterloo boasts multiple programs of advanced research and teaching in mathematics, computer science, and engineering. UW is also another option besides UT for students. In the end of the day, students are brought to watch the Canadian team, Toronto Blue Jays, for an unforgettable MLB game experience. Blue Jay was the only Canadian team who won American League championship. Students can enjoy the exciting baseball game and cheer for game together. CIC Summer Credit Class is almost over, and we believe that it widens students’ knowledge and horizons due to this memorable summer trip.

2019 Summer Credit Course -The 2nd Week

       In the second week of the CIC Summer Credits class, students were led to visit the famous attractions in Toronto on weekends. Such as the major landmarks, CN Tower (TV Tower), Eaton Centre (Eaton shopping mall) and Medieval Time(Medical Theatre). Also, Students had an impressive experience after watching the two-hour knights head-to-head meeting. After that, they arrived at Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls city) where you can see two waterfalls at the same time from Niagara City. The last stop is the best university, the University of Toronto (the top 20 universities in the world), in Canada which has been recognized as one of Canada's top universities, and it also cultivates many talents. The University of Toronto is one of the CIC World University Allied Schools, also accepts almost half of the graduates from our school every year. The students were excited about the interesting trip on the weekend, and we hope that they could not only leave the wonderful memory but established clear goals for the future.

Orientation for G11 students to study abroad

       Columbia held an orientation for eleven-grade students to study abroad on July 21st (Sunday). All students in grade eleven will be led by Director Song, Director of Academic Affairs Office, to Columbia International College (CIC) on August 4th (Sunday) for the last year (grade twelve) courses in Canadian high school. The orientation was hosted by the director of the counseling office, Director Xie, to make students and parents better understand the instructions and needed documents for studying abroad, the way to sign up courses in CIC, the way to apply for university, and living standards there. At the same time, we hope that they could set a good goal, and obtain the Canadian high school diploma to enter the ideal university successfully.

2019 CIC Summer Credits Course

       The G10 students who will be eleventh grade in September of our school gathered together at the second terminal of Taoyuan Airport on July 8th (Monday) evening. They flew to Canada to participate in the four-week "2019 CIC Summer Credits Course" at Columbia International College, Hamilton, Ontario. The group is headed by Mr. Michael Chang, Vice-Principle of the International Division, Mr. Daniel Wu, Director of the Dormitory, and Ms. Suzy Mong, the Secretary of the Counseling Office. The students will have full-day English courses for four weeks. We arrange for students to visit the sightseeing spots on the east coast of Canada on weekends. Not only can release their pressure but enjoy the beautiful scenery and the local cultural environment. We wish the students who attend the intensive English courses in the next 4 weeks can not only improve their English skills but also familiar with the teaching and comprehensive life care system of CIC.

2019 Columbia International College in Taiwan Summer Camp is on board

       Starting June 30th, 2019, Columbia International College in Taiwan All English two-week session Summer Camp is on board. Our Camp is fun! Having an on-going sleepover with newly met friends at a giant outdoor playground and topping that off by the fact that they will be supervised by cool, young role models Nico Chen, William Chuang, and Haydn Isidore, the Camp has been a place for participants to enjoy their summer days creating friendships and memories. The positive effects of our camp on children’s development, English learning, and interest in the foreign language will serve them well for a lifetime!

2019 CIS Graduation Ceremony

       We had our graduation ceremony in Grand Hyatt Taipei on the evening of June 22nd . All graduates walked on the red carpet with spotlight on it. CIS founder, Mr. Allan Lo presented at the ceremony and blessed our graduates. Dr. Robert Lo, used to be CIS director of academic office and counselor of MUN participants and now an international lawyer in the USA and Canada, shared his personal experience of studying abroad with us. We also invited principal of Longtan junior high school, Mr. Hsieh to award graduation certificate to class of 2021. And directors of CIS award different prizes to students. Our excellent alumni , Harold Wang came to encourage our students to be responsible for their future. Steven Fan and Ethel Lee give a commencement speech on behalf of the student body. Terry Kim and Cheryl Wu gave us valedictory speech, expecting all graduates to set good goals and fly higher for their future.


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