Total Care Living


Balanced nutrition ,healthy and delicious 


Western style:
whole wheat bread ,white bread ,sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dog, ham, chocolate, low-fat milk, yogurt, salad, potato salad, cornflakes, juice, all kinds of eggs, cheese, bagel, croissant, pineapple bun and hash brown
Chinese style:
red bean bun, steamed buns, small steamed buns, fried buns, omelet, green onion pie,  radish cake, tea eggs, millet congee, all kind of salty congee, pork intestine thin noodles, fried rice and noodles, and braised pork rice.

Lunch & dinner

estern style:
spaghetti, pizza, French fries, hamburgers, all kinds of salad and vegetables
Chinese style:
noodles, rice dumplings, hot pot, teppanyaki, Kantoni, bi bimn ba, dumplings, curry food, beans, pork, chicken, beef, fish, shrimp, and fried vegetables.
tofu miso soup, seaweed egg flower soup, vegetable and mushroom soup, meat ball soup, corn soup, pumpkin soup, sesame chicken, melon clams soup, burdock soup, borsch, radish meat ball soup, bitter melon chicken soup, bamboo chicken soup, melon chicken soup.
Fresh fruit:
Apples, oranges, bananas, wax apples, peaches, pears, passion fruit, guavas, watermelon, dragon fruit, star fruit, sweet melon, grapes, and fruit salad.
Sweet soup and drinks:
tremella lotus soup, pearl milk tea, herbal tea, vegetarian gelatin, green bean soup, sweet potato taro soup, tapioca , coconut milk
  • cooking process: fry, bake, roast, steam(no fried, no trans-fat, no msg)




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