Total Care Living


Balanced nutrition ,healthy and delicious 

Hygiene comes first; nutritious and delicious

  • A leading provider of integrated food and facilities management service helps to prepare daily meals in our kitchen
  • Administrative chef list the monthly dishes and manage the process of food preparation
  • Matched strict hygiene standard. We value safe food. Food safety standards are higher than the requirements of hygiene bureau. We have regular inspection of food processing, preparation and storage.
  • Choose qualified food and oil to ensure food safety.
  • Healthy cooking instead of frying, no trans-fat food or oil
  • Convenient store and food vending machine for students
  • Breakfast is prepared in both eastern and western styles. As for the lunch and dinner, there are five dishes, two kinds of meat and three kinds of vegetables.
  • Every Wednesday provides special meal, like beef noodles, spaghetti, Korean BBQ rice , and hot pot. On special holidays, designated dishes will be added to the menu
  • Take care of special meal needs: vegetarian, religious or special demand for meal. Also special meals are provided for sick students.




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