Total Care Living


CIS total care living plan starts from the admission. Dorm tutor will evaluate every student’s personality and observe them if they adjust to the environment well. We focus on providing students comfortable living environment and best care so that they can have a sense of belonging and study with no worries.

  • Student dormitories are located in Aspire Resort with 24 hour security surveillance to ensure the student’s safety.
  • Aspire Resort has international conference rooms, a swimming pool, a multifunctional gym, a karaoke room and a convenient store.
  • Double room with twin beds. Every room is equipped with 24- hour air conditioning and restroom with separate shower stall. Students have personal desks and dressers, and will be provided with brand new pillow and bed sheets, which will be changed regularly.
  • Dorm sanitary staff will clean and sterilize the environment regularly.
  • Each room has wireless internet installed, allowing students to contact their parents online and do some research of their homework.
  • Dorm tutors and foreign teachers are in charge of evening class from 19:00 to 21:00.
  • The internet will be shut down at a specified time (22:30-07:00)to ensure that students have a full night of sleep.
  • Curfews are enforced with supervisors patrolling the hallways.
  • Coin-Operated laundry and tumble dryer for students to use.
  • Students are transported to and from school and home every week by a personal school bus.




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