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Charity day

Raise awareness of the needs of less fortunate sections society. Allow students real experience in planning, organizing, and executing a real life project. Bring education and society closer together.

Introduction to Canada Universities(by Academic Affairs Coordinator-Scott Chen)

This presentation introduces the students to some of the most prestigious Universities in Canada. Students will learn about the strengths, tuition fees, and location etc of these Universities; giving them a better idea of where to pursue their post secondary education. I have put more focus on the University of Waterloo, because I have a better understanding of the school, given that it is my alma mater or the institution that I graduated from. The presentation also demonstrates the lifestyle on campus and Canada’s living environment in general. I have also included various pleasurable activities that can be done, in hopes that the student can truly optimize their experience in Canada . I sincerely hope the students find this presentation helpful for their cause.

Introduction to Canada Universities

A large number of CIS students and teachers will join the Halloween performance, most likely around 100 individuals in all. Students are divided into 6 groups led by teachers and student leaders, each group with a separate theme.

January: Tetrahedral kites

Here at CIS, our students worked together to build a truly huge kite. Our kite was about 3 meters across and took about 6 students to carry. Of course, aerodynamics is one of the most complex areas of engineering and our students learned this first hand. They experienced many difficulties in getting the kite to fly. The materials were very strong, but under the large weight of the kite, they became fragile and several accidents happened before the students learned the proper way to carry and manage the device.; the extreme force of the wind pulling the kite up actually broke the string being used to control the kite; and finally when the kite lifted into the air, the students discovered how hard it was to control the kite and it crashed into a tree.

Nonetheless, the kite did for a few brief moments fly into the air and a sound of awe could be heard from the collected students as it lifted upward. More importantly, the students worked together to accomplish a simple but difficult feat and to learn a few lessons about science, technology, craftsmanship, cooperation and the human spirit.

Introduction Video by -
Instructor: Mr. Ziad Jarjur
Video by-
Instructor: Mrs. Koli Charita
Editor: 蕭宇辰 Curtis Hsiao

December:Visit to Bethany Children’s Home

At CIS, it is believed that one of the main purposes of education is to instill in our students a sense of responsibility in giving back to society and attempting to give back to the community in which they live. The way we teach our children today will decide what kind of world we all live in in the future.
As part of CIS’s ongoing social education program, a select group of volunteer students and our student union took on the task of brightening the Christmas of a group of underprivileged children at the Bethany Children’s Home, hopefully providing a Christmas to remember for some special youngsters in Taiwan.

Members in this Activity: 王皓德 Harold Wang, 廖翊婷 Amy Liao, 林詩晴 Sophia Lin, 余紹圻 Jerry Yu, 林昱伶 Eileen Lin, 林挺敬 Kenny Lin, 金芯宇 Mandy Chin, 鄭旻璇 Michelle Cheng, 李娸妘 Angel Lee, 吳秉倢 Thomason Wu, 范柏超 Jason Fan, 翁瑜廷 Tim Weng, 陳羿豪 Jonathan Chen, 葉承燊 Tommy Yeh, 徐于婷 Tiffany Hsu , 吳昀柔 Cheryl Wu, 吳聯萱 Sydney Wu, 洪于晴 Sandy Hung, 蔡妍苓 Ling Tsai, 蕭浿沂 Nana Xiao, 王依稜 Lucy Wang

Video by: Instructor Dr. Lee

November: Homeless
A geodesic dome is a hemispherical structure. Geodesic domes are one of the strongest, lightest structures you can build. The triangular elements of the dome are structurally rigid and distribute the structural stress throughout the structure. Due to their unique design, they are wind and typhoon resistant. Buckminster Fuller named the dome ''geodesic'' for which he received a U.S patent.
Steel framework can be easily constructed of electrical conduit. One flattens the end of a strut and drills bolt holes at the needed length. A single bolt secures a vertex of struts. These domes can be used as extra storage, a greenhouse , or as a living space. It takes about 3 hours to put one together and about 15 minutes to take it apart. Parts are readily available at a local hardware stores, and the cost for a 19 ft x 9.5 ft,278 sq. ft dome is about 20,000 NT$.
A geodesic dome can be easily used as a greenhouse. Greenhouses have made it possible to have fruits and vegetables to be grown year around. At CIS, students plan to learn the horticulture of mushrooms and other favorable plants of their choice.


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