Total Care Learning


Teachers have great influence on students and the utmost responsibility in helping students make progress in study. Teachers at CIS will serve as a guide and mentor to our school in both academic and any other areas. We encourage students to study with inner motivation and explore their interests and strengths. Students’homework , test scores and class participation will be integrated into their report card. Experienced teachers develop students’ critical thinking skills , ability of do research , teamwork skills, and presentation and communication ability with interactive, engaging teaching.Extensive courses, such as music, drama, science, seminar, clubs, leadership training, volunteering, and physical education are combined with regular classes to give the students a well-rounded education. CIS provides Canadian courses from G9 to G11, focusing on application of learned knowledge, so that students can adjust to the North American way of education, and maximize their potential to succeed and go higher than they thought possible. In addition, evening classes are also supervised by foreigner teachers and tutors who will help improve students’ performance academically.




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