Admission Requirements

Thank you for your attention to CIS. We are proud of the reputation we enjoy and happy to know your consideration of joining us.

CIS is a preparatory school for students who want to study abroad. Besides regular teaching, we value building up good character of students. Helping students to be honorable, responsible, confident, and optimistic is our core value of whole-person education. You will find rich information about school activities, news update and campus life on our website and should you have any question or hope to visit our school please contact us. We look forward to helping you with the process of application and sharing with you all CIS can provide.


Head of Admission Committee & Vice principal of CIS

Mr. James Peng




Vice principal of CIS

Director Of Academic Affairs

Director Of Student Affairs

Director Of Counselling office

Director of Students Development Centre

Director Of Administration Office





Applicant qualifications

  1. Students above the age of G8 from private and public high schools.(No need for foreign passport).
  2. Students above the age of G8 studying in European or American international school in Taiwan.
  3. Taiwanese students above the age of G8 coming back to Taiwan from international schools in Mainland China.
  4. Taiwanese students above the age of G8 coming back to Taiwan from foreign schools.





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