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Columbia International College (CIC) is the largest private preparatory school in Canada with students coming from
73 countries. CIC, located in Hamilton, follows the education system recognized by the Ministry of Education in
Ontario and provide an innovative Total Care Education program for our students. Its central location allows strategic partnerships with the beautiful Bark Lake where students can enjoy outdoor activities in central Ontario.
Innovative “Total Care Education System” and “University Partners” provides the best and guaranteed admission
method into world top universities. There are more than 30 partnering universities within the University Partners that will provide entrance scholarships to students from CIC. 100% success admissions to world top universities every
year. 80% students were accepted into the top 7 universities in Canada and 50% to the best university (University of
Toronto) with high entrance scholarships.


CIS was established to help students have full preparation for studying abroad , such as improving their English skills and right attitudes for studying, and building up their confidence. We, at CIS, understand that studying abroad is an
important turning point for our students. We provide a solid foundation for them in Taiwan as they start the ground works for learning how to adjust to the foreign education system and how to make the important decision on
choosing which college and university to attend. We aim to empower them with knowledge and pave the road to their future success.


We established CIS in Taiwan with the goal to incorporate all the crucial elements for a smooth transition into Ontario education system, including qualified teachers, Canadian education curriculum and class materials.
Moreover, we aim to prepare our students to be successfully accepted into top universities in the world


We share the common belief as the parents of our students --
We want our students to be accepted into universities of their choice and to build up their personal character while
maintaining reasonable costs for our parents. Often, students that study bilingual schools may still not be ready for
studying abroad either due to poor English proficiencies and a lack of overseas experience and missing Canadian
course credits and grades that are needed for university admissions. At CIS, we ensure our students gain a
well-grounded high school education, equipping them with needed life skills and overseas study experience to study Grade 12 in Canada and to attend top universities in the world.



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