Community Life

2019 Summer Credit Course -The 2nd Week

       In the second week of the CIC Summer Credits class, students were led to visit the famous attractions in Toronto on weekends. Such as the major landmarks, CN Tower (TV Tower), Eaton Centre (Eaton shopping mall) and Medieval Time(Medical Theatre). Also, Students had an impressive experience after watching the two-hour knights head-to-head meeting. After that, they arrived at Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls city) where you can see two waterfalls at the same time from Niagara City. The last stop is the best university, the University of Toronto (the top 20 universities in the world), in Canada which has been recognized as one of Canada's top universities, and it also cultivates many talents. The University of Toronto is one of the CIC World University Allied Schools, also accepts almost half of the graduates from our school every year. The students were excited about the interesting trip on the weekend, and we hope that they could not only leave the wonderful memory but established clear goals for the future.



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