Community Life

2019 Summer Credit Course -The 3rd Week

       In the third of CIC Summer Credit Class, students are brought to St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market in St. Jacobs, Ontario, to experience local’s famer’s life on the weekend. There are more than 150 vendors with varieties of fresh farmers’ products, bakery, textile, handcraft products and so many more. Students are content with the food and are astonished by the varieties the market has. Later on they are brought to “Canada’s MIT”, University of Waterloo, as known as UW, which locates in Southwestern Ontario. UW is the 2nd best overall university in Canada and also one of the best universities in North America, Considering being Canada’s most innovative university, Waterloo boasts multiple programs of advanced research and teaching in mathematics, computer science, and engineering. UW is also another option besides UT for students. In the end of the day, students are brought to watch the Canadian team, Toronto Blue Jays, for an unforgettable MLB game experience. Blue Jay was the only Canadian team who won American League championship. Students can enjoy the exciting baseball game and cheer for game together. CIC Summer Credit Class is almost over, and we believe that it widens students’ knowledge and horizons due to this memorable summer trip.



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